Has anyone ever kept a dwarf angel such as a bi color in with a clam?


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I have a bi color angel that I don't want to get rid of but I want a crocea clam too. Can that be done or is that a no no? Would it be bad to put my angel in my 20L refugium all by itself so I can have a clam? OR should I forget the clam idea all together? My tank is a 29 gallon that has been up for 10 months with a 400w MH over it. Nitrates are at 10ppm but I just bought the fuge today so that should get the water where I want it, back to no trace of anything:) Calcium stays around 450 ppm with two part calcuim additive. Thanks
The angels are hit or miss so it will have risk. IME my half black is a terror with clams, my flame ignores them entirely.
Thanks. So the bi colors are more of a problem in general than the Flame? Maybe Put the bicolor in the new 29 when we get it and put the flame in with the clam? Can flames nip at clams too? Anyone else had either with a clam? Thanks
Flames have gone after clams. Local club member just traded his due to a preference for his crocea.

No rules on angel dietary preference and even after years a benign whatever can become a terror. My Hepatus tang suddenly decided the squamosa he has been with for 9 months was tasty.

I had a C. nox that turned after being a model citizen for about 6 months to eating a bunch of corals and nipping at all my clams. He was quickly moved out of the tank but I would never risk getting another pygmy angel.
THanks, it looks like I'm going to have to put the angel in the fuge or another tank if I want a clam. Too bad everyone can't just get along and not eat eachother:)