Has anyone wired up a 660 to a Tek fixture?


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I have a 3 ft 4 bulb tek fixture. I just replaced the bulbs for at least the third time. I don't know how long the ballast can last but the sticker on the fixture says July 2006 manufacture date. These run every day for 11 hours year round.
Just wondering if the 660 will fit in there and how? And is it nicer over driving the bulbs a bit? If it goes bad, I would prefer to get a IC660 other than buying a whole other fixture if it will work.


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from my readings if you over drive the bulbs youll want active cooling so you dont lesson the life of the bulb,also youll want the cooling on the end caps not the bulbs. not sure about 660 going in the fixture but would external be out of the ?


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the 660 will not fit inside the tek light. This will not help with bulb life as the balast overdrives the bulbs making the bulb life shorter. Cooling can help but bulbs should still be changed at the 12 mth mark.