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Not sure if this makes since but here goes.......

I have a 700g system made up of 6 tanks all plumbed together. Mostly sps some lps and few softies. Everything is growing great. Twice now in the last month I have had to "disturb" the rock in one of the tanks. The sand in the tank is approx 2" deep. Both times my wife and I have had issues with waking up the next day "hacking". The first time I told her it couldn't be the tanks as all the inhabinants are doind good and anything that would effect us would certainly effect them. I am now convinced that something is getting into the air when I have aggitated the sand/rock, but what could it be?

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There are certainly loads of microorganisms in reef aquaria and in sand beds. If you stir up the sand, you may bring into the water organisms that are not normally there in large numbers, and then a skimmer or some other mechanism delivers them into the air.

The same could be true of fine particles in the sand. Both organic detritus and inorganic minerals.

Do you have a skimmer and how is it vented?