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So I have a 200 watt heater for my 20 long, and even though I have it set at 82*F the tank temp is only 72*, and more than likely that is room temp. I was wondering if there was some special way i need to calibrate it. The way I thought you were suppose to isn't working. She got it off of eBay about 5 months ago and my wife used it in her 10g F.W beta fry tank and it worked perfectly but now it won't keep temp. It is a chineese brand called jbr I belielieve. TIA and happy reefing.


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If it is flaky turning on and off (maintaining temp) I would pitch it in the trash and buy a new one. Or only use it in my water mixing can to bring my water change water up to temp where there is nothing for it to bake and kill. I totally would not trust a flaky heater. It wont turn on now... what happens when it wont turn off? I would not risk all the money invested in my tank on a flaky heater.