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I am new to the forum, suggested by a biologist. I have been researching Salt water for almost two years. I have always had a freshwater aquarium, now looking to make a bigger impact. Have lots of questions before I actually make the plunge!
I have a 14 gal Nano cube with everything except the skimmer that is serving freshwater right now.
I also have a 75 gallon glass square aquarium that has lighting (metal halide and flourescents) but no filteration.
To start, would it be easier to get the small one up and running than the 75, or would it be better to have the large tank?

Any advise would be helpful.
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Your 75 gallon tank would be the better choice, because it is much larger than your nano, and it will be more stable and easy to maintain. It works better as a beginner tank, than the nano cube, plus it comes with good lighting which can be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you would need for a reef tank. :)


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This is a question that only you can answer. If you are like most reefers they will both be set up for saltwater before long...LOL....In regardes to the 75g is it tempered glass? Do you plan on drilling it or just using a HOB for your filtration? Give us alittle more info and we can guide you. I personally think you would be happier setting up the 75g. I set up a 20g cube and its already overstocked....LOL...This hobby is like crack. Everytime you go to your LFS you find a new addition you just have to have..Congrats and good luck!!


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I don't know if the glass is tempered or not. Friend was talking about drilling the tank which I am not sure of. (Have to either drive the tank or the person across the state of Florida) They can provide the filtration for me if I want to drill the tank, if I don't want to drill I was told to get a back pack CPR? which I will need two of since it is 75 and a hang on refugum. My concern is getting all the water for the tank. She explained I need to change out 33% weekly, which is a huge undertaking for me. That is why I was thinking the smaller tank. The smaller tank is set up well except for the protein skimmer and lighting timer.

Any advice is appreciated.
Also if there is anyone in South Florida (East Coast) that can give me recommended vendors for supplies and fish would be grateful.


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IMO u should start with the 75 gal cuzz u will have more room for mistakes. with a 14 gal nano ur biggest concern is evaporation. i have a 29 gal aquapod and i get about a gallon of evaporation every day and if u dont top off then ur going to have trouble. and with the 75 gal u will have more options with ur live stock. u dont have to drill ur tank if u dont want to u can just use a HOB overflow. u might want to think about what u want to do with the tank before u start settign it up. are u doing a reef setup or fish only(FO)? are u gonna do a sump or fug? but IMO start with the 75 gal it will be much better and easier to start with and after u have it up and running for a while u can decide if u wanna set up the 14 gal. and welcome to RC.


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Welcome to the addiction... IMHO it is easier in the long run to start with the 75 for many reasons. I started a 50 gallon 8 months ago and I am already upgrading to a 120 in a couple of weeks. If you are testing your skills at being able to balance a reef in a small environment then the Nano is your bag.
There is a Forum and Club on RC that is found here ... http://reefcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=235 They are in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area and are preety active. Lots of great local knowledge and help. Also peek into the Orlando and Tampa Bay clubs, many great deals on equipment and experience. Good Luck


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Thanks for all the info. I am going to look into getting the tank drilled.
I will be working towards a reef tank, but it will be still some more research and a lot of work. I figured if I have it up with live rock, sand, water running and balanced by Christmas I will be in good shape.

Thanks for the Forum down here. My sister lives South of Tampa and that is where I am getting most of the stuff from to set the tank up.

Looking forward to the hobby and addiction. This way I don't have to snorkel in the Winter......


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dont do it! if you want your kids to go to college.but seriously, get on to a FL. club and buy all your sand and rock, skimmers, sumps ect.... i bet people would like to get rid some stuff. cheap! and its useful free info. one on one... 75g would be easier, but nano's are cool. get ready to spend some $$$$$


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Glad to see you This is a good place to start!