help algae outbreak!!!should i get a reverse osmosis system??????????????????????????

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I have only been in the hobby for 6 months and have a fish only system, the problem is that i have a huge breakout of ugly black brown and red algae that is slimy and gross, I want to gorw a nice culture of green algae for my yellow tang to graze on,thanks taking the post and thread, i wont bother you guys anymore, but was getting so much different info from deifferent threads in other forums figured i would try from the experts as i eventually want to keep a reef and become asdvanced in reef keeping after i master basics with 150 gallon marine predatory tank, one smart thing i did from this forum link was go str8 froma 29 right to a 150 lol:bum:
always use ro/di water for the can clean up the bad algea by sucking it up with a turky baster or use the syphon when doing water friends tang loves cheato algea and you can keep it if you have a sump/refugium and just take out what you need to feed the tang.
The predator type animals are very messy eaters and lots of waste will be rotting in your tank that will fuel the algae growth. Maybe do more frequent water changes, get a skimmer (if you don't have one). I have used the siphon to clean all that gunk off the rocks and sand successfully. Other options to cut algae are feed less, add more flow, have a clean up crew, make sure your lights are not on for an unnecessary length of time.
yea get an RO/DI unit. or goto the LFS and they should sell RO/DI water and/or premixed salt water. thats what i did to start out and when i get enough money i'll pick up my own unit.
Oh, man... I forgot to actually say that you should get an RO/DI system... I personally do not have one, but I go to the grocery store/ water store and get water from them all the time.
you've got messy eaters!!! how many snails are alive in your tank? how bout hermits? amount of filtration/types?

by beefing all of that up, the algae should clear... I'm not going into the RO/DI subject, I don't run one, and learn to live with algae+ tons of snails
As far as an RO/DI system goes for algae. There is much more reason to have RO/DI or buy water from somewhere over using tap water. Algae growth is only one of them due to the water quality. Other issues are the build up of other chemicals and junk that may be in the water. In fact, some water companies add different chemicals at different times of the year and they are not required to notify the customers. I used tap water for the first year and constantly fought problems, buying water was the easiest change to make to raise my water quality.