help on bulbs for a t5


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I just got a new 24" t5 4 bulb fixture for my frag tank and need help figuring out what bulbs would help promote the best growth in the tank. Right now there are 2 12k and 2 actinic bulbs. I am wondering if I should change these all out and get new or stick with them? In the tank now is all softies but would like to grow LPS also in there.


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i'd go ahead and use them for a few months and then replace with ati bulbs. two blue plus and two aquablue special

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there is a T5 thread on here somewhere and a guy that has tried almost every combo you can think of. Look for it.


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If you do a Google search for Grim Reefer T5 bulb combination and click on the first link (the one that start with http://home., it will take you right to Grim's personal page. I'd give you the link, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not.

He's got a lot of info on there about different bulbs and how to combine them for the look you're wanting. It's a really nice site with a ton of info on T5s.