HELP!! Rock set up in new 220 tank


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OK, I've got a sand base about 1-2"thick and I want to set up my rocks with some space under them and a more open layout. You can view the tank from both sides. My problem is the sand shifts with trying to set up the rock and I'm afraid that I'll get it all set up the way I like it and it will topple over and (EEEK) break the tank somehow.

Do I glue the live rock/base rock together to make it more stable?

If yes, what do I use?


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I have see people used PVC pipe to create a base and structure for the rock work. Create a base and frame and tie wrap the rock to it. Tie wrap IMO is stronger then glue.


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go with the pvc-good way to create tunnels/make a creative base to start with. if you're worried about cracking glass, throw a little more sand in there if you dont mind the the look of a deeper bed.