Help with melting corals


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Hi All,

I went away for the long weekend from friday night to monday night and had left the lights off on the 20 nano tank.

I came back to an extremely tank because the skimmer only skims randomly (that's another issue).

I had GSP on a plug from march and it had covered the plug and was doing well. Now i only have 2 polyps on it and the rest is literally gone. The plug is clean...

The toadstool which was doing really well and had another head come out from the bottom of the stalk, shrunk and does not look that good. All the zoas are going great.

My Gold torch which I had for about 3 months now melted last night.

Going to check the water params but if anyone has any ideas on what else to look for that would be much appreciated.



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Testing the water is the best bet,I say start with the alk. When my gsp corals melted that was the culprit
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Tested the water and the only thing that was off was the phosphate .25 which was because the reactor was not on. I did not see any brown slime or w/e its called. sigh