Help with upgrade please


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I'm upgrading my 60 gal display tank to a 150 gal. Mixed tank with LR/DSB, fish, inverts and corals.

How should I go about this?

Should I set up the new tank with a new DSB and let it cycle?

Should I add new live rock at this time or later? I will need to add some since it is a bigger tank. Can I just move my existing LR over? What should the timing of moving my existing LR be? Just before I move the livestock or at the same time?

I'm also going to have a new 60 gallon sump (the existing tank will be converted to a sump with DSB, LR, cheato, etc. It is going to have a significant amount of LR and sand. I suppose I will need to let this cycle on it's own before I connect it to the system.

The existing tank has cannister filtration, UV, and skimming which can handle the new tank until the sump is ready.

Thanks for your input.


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Additional Question

Additional Question

Forgot to ask this in my original post:

What should I do with my existing DSB? Should I add it to the display tank (which is getting more live sand). If so when? I can't see how I can take the sand out with the livestock still in there.

Or should I buy enough live sand to start the new tank and add the old sand to the sump/refugium later after the fish and corals have been move?


I'm sure I've forgotten other things, so please let me know.


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How old is your old tank? If it is over 6 months, I wouldn't try to move the sand over, just too much accumulated debris. So, set up the new tank and let it cycle. Seed the new tank's sand bed with a few cups of sand from your old tank (put it in little piles, not spread out). Leave room for the LR from your old 60 gallon tank. It will help if you can bring a couple of rocks in from your existing tank when you start the cycle, but you will likely loose most of what is live on the rocks, so don't bring over your best stuff.