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has anyone ever noticed amphipods eating their zoas?

i have had my zoas for over a year still to this day they are big and open when i get home but i noticed day by day polyps missing. i turned on my little red led light last night and my frag disc was covered in pods. they looked to be chomping at the stalk of my zoas.

im i just going crazy?


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I had amphipod infestation and they ran out of natural goodies to eat so they started eating my zoas. I ended up taking the zoas out until the pod population declined. Hope u can find a night feeding fish that will eat them....let us know what u


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the bad thing is that i don't have a qt tank to put anything in or anywhere to keep one at the moment.


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Are you sure they are amphipods and not isopods ?
Some isopods are not reef safe.


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Most wrasses sleep under the sand at night. But they are great hunters during the day. I had a Coris Formosa for a while and that bugger would flip small rocks all the time looking for pods.


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just make sure the tank is covered as my little yellow wrasse was my only fish that jumped out of the tank..