hippo and powder blue tang


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Lovely aquarium!!
I notice that you have a hippo and a powder blue tang in the same aquarium. I have ordered 2 regal tang and 1 naso tang. They are small. On this forum I am being told that I need over a 300 gallon to house them together. How did you do it successfully in a 120? I know a naso needs at least a 120 and I am adding them all at the same time. Any advice? Thanks
Hey mocha, thanks for the question... I think!

Not really wanting to get into the delicate topic of tangs, let's just suffice to say that hippos grow pretty big, and Naso's get REALLY big. "Small" is only temporary. It doesn't take very long either if you provide a full daytime grazing diet. I tend to feed the fish sparingly, yet enough to keep their stomaches from looking empty. I also wouldn't put more than 1 or 2 tangs in any 4' tank. I love the Naso, but new it just couldn't happen after seeing them over a foot long!
Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, my message was a congratulations for pulling it off. It looks great. I was wondering how you put the two together? I know the hippo gets big. It is recommended for a 70 minimum, but I believe it should be in a 100. Also the Naso gets to be 1.5'' recommended 120, but I believe more is better.

My husband and I just bought another 70 gallon. We are going to glue the two together, drill a hole in the middle of the them and feed a tube through it. This will make it a 140 gallon. We are still planning to build a 300+ tank, but this should hold the tangs since they are allready here. The pet shop is keeping them for a week or two. We are planning on drilling them this week. We want to make the tunnel as large as possible so the tang can swim through it easily. The hippos are very small (1.5 inches) the naso is about 4 inches. I am hoping that this will help with the transition. I have a few pieces of live rock and am ordering more for this coming week. Any advice PLEASE!!! Should the two 70's work better together. WE have a pond filter that works in a 800 gallon aquarium, plus our fluval 403. Thanks