Home Flooded--Reef Lost--What to do?


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I live north of Denham Springs in Watson. We were fortunate and did not flood, but everything around us did.
I hope you get everything repaired the way you want it.
Best of luck my friend.


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Thanks everyone...I'm sure the hobby will pull me back in at some point. It will be a long while before I'm able to set up anything more than a nano though. My new office/building is nearing completion and I've thought about setting up a nano there but it's too soon to tell if that will be possible given the space. thewbell, we wound up with 5-6" which was enough to cover the bottom of my stand. I'm fairly certain my Dart return pump is toast and my Apex leak detector sensors as well (ironically). We are going to attemp to claim everything inside the stand knowing that the actual stand is probably all that will be covered.

If you decide to get back in and need any corals I can donate you a few frags. Just let me know.


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Good luck with everything pastey, glad everyone is ok. It's good that u are being realistic on the time frame on getting back in your home. Everyone is just ready to get back home & when they hear that they have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for doors or flooring or whatever it just gets them more in the dumps. I was lucky that all I lost where my vehicles & my shed, water didn't quite make it in my house & my tanks made it through ok. The water must of shorted something in my electrical panel outside so about a week after the water went down my power went out. I changed the panel & it took energy two days to come turn the power back on because of permits. It was tough on the tanks for just those two or 3 days with no power so I can't imagine going any longer. I have a generator but the hardest part is keeping the tanks cool when it's 95 degrees outside.

Good luck & try to stay upbeat, I'm a contractor so I know it's tough on u. I have 9 houses going on so I know what you are going through with all the different homeowners I'm dealing with. I feel bad for them when I have to tell them that it's taking longer then expected to receive special order materials because the distributors don't even really know how long it will be. I've been working 7 days a week trying to get people back in their homes because I know it's hard on them. It was hard on me & I was lucky compared to u & a lot of other people.


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Thanks everyone. It's a pain but we're sort of getting that to point where this is our "normal". At the very least, our days have a rhythm again instead of jumping from one crisis to the next. Lsufan, you guys (contractors) have a rough job right now. Plenty of money to be made but it's not easy money and most of the customers are in difficult spots. You could deliver the moon but it wouldn't be enough until they're back in their house.

Thanks for the offer, Crayola. That means a lot.

After talking with my wife a bit, I may wind up keeping the 20g just to occupy my desire to have a tank and selling off my 200g/equipment. Just not sure I want to pour money back into that setup in the event that we move in the near future. Reefing is a long term hobby and 5 years or so isn't "long term" to me.


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I'm really sorry you had to go through this long enduring process of getting your home back together. Sad seeing so many places destroyed. Definitely puts a damper on life for a while. Glad you have family and friends to support and for morale!

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I seriously feel for you guys. I have friends in LA and TX that were affected by the crazy flooding. We nearly lost everything due to forrest fires here in East TN over the past few weeks and I know how you feel.

AS everyone else said, the important thing is that you all are ok. I cant tell you what you should do, but I would start up again. I have taken breaks from the hobby for a variety of different reasons over the years and I keep coming back. It is what I enjoy the most. I have had tanks as large as a 300 gallon marineland, and my current tank is just finishing up cycling. I started a biocube 14. Like you I may be moving soon, and moving a big tank is rough!

I sincerely hope everything works out for the better for you all down there. Sounds like you all have it well under control, so Good Luck and God Speed.