how often does your anemone spawn?


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Last week, I woke up to cloudy tank and some thick creamy stuff on the surface of one end of the tank and some creamy stuff in the skimmer. Cleaned off as much of that stuff as I could and performed a water change. It took almost 2 days for the skimmer to go back to normal operation. Thankfully, things are fine now.
I'd like to know how many times a year I could look forward to this stressful event.
Safe to say my Crispa is a male?


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Depends on the reason for the spawn -- could have been stress related.

Been keeping anemones for the last 15+ years, have only had 2 spawns. One was an E. quadricolor and the other was an S. haddoni. I know that the haddoni was a stress related spawn. I had one haddoni for about 12 years, and never once saw it spawn.


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If it was stress related, I will never figure it out unfortunately...
Last water change was 2 weeks before the event. Parameters tested to be identical to display water. Carbon last changed 3 week before event. Mg, Cal, and Alk and salinity are kept rock steady by LM3. Temp inside the home does not fluctuate.
On an unrelated note, the anemone definitely looks different after the event. Less aggressive if that can be said...

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I think it depends on species, age, and health. I've had my haddoni for 10+ years. It was younger, about 7 inches when I got it. It's now about 16 inches. It's a female, and she spawned for the first time, about a year ago. After the spawn I started noticing dark spots growing inside the column. I assume these are eggs, so I'm expecting another spawn at some point. I've had a crucifer for about the same amount of time. He was about two inches when I got him. He's now five or six inches. When he was smaller, he would spawn about every six months, or more. Now he spawns about once a year. These are very rough estimates, as I don't keep track of each spawn.


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I have had a (male) h. crispa for 9 years. I watched it spawn once for a few hours in what was clearly a stress-related spawn after a heater got broken and wiped out all the fish. I also saw evidence of a spawn one other time a few years later but have no clue what triggered it.


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Years ago I had a solar 1000 on my 180 and I think the moon fazes had something to do with it because I never saw it happen again. I had a hammer coral release eggs for a few minutes on two occasions and my rock anemone spawned once. It was cool to see it happen and there was no problem with the tank afterward.