how to clean rock


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what is the best way to rid a piece of LR of unwanted pests and still have it be useable. i bought a coral that was attatched to a larger rock, but broke off the piece the coral was on. the remaing piece has some apistasia and hair algae that i would like to keep out of the tank. i would still like to use the rest of the rock to break up and attatch frags to

can i just boil it or is that not recomended



Try scrubbing the algae off with a toothbrush. Kill the aiptasia with Aiptasia Control or make a Kalk paste to cover them with. If you boil the rock you will have to cure it. Paul


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If you are planning on breaking up the rock then why not just do so and throw away, or let dry the pieces with "bad stuff"?


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Throw it in a bucket with RO water a power head and some vinegar. Or let it sit out and dry for 3-4 weeks, or boil.