How To Cure Dead Dry Rocks


Hi there - can any one share some tips on how to cure dead dry rocks? Clean RO/DI water or saltwater with the parms that are the same to run the tank? thanks,


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There's some thing called muratic(not100% on spelling)acid wash
I know you can find it at any pool supply store


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There are tons of information on RC how to do it. Search for in detail instructions.
In short you have to cure them to remove any dead organics off the surface.
More organic on the rocks - longer time it will take to process all of it. So initial stage to clean the rocks off any left over organics is essential to cut your curing time. Scrubbing (with tools), bleaching (with bleach), dissolving (with acids) all of these could be applied on this stage. Then you just put your rocks in the Brut and start curing (search for details). GL!~