How to keep shrimp


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I need some chemistry help.....I think...... I can't get a shrimp to live in my tanks. All other inverts are fine snails, brittle stars, hermits.......WHAT COULD IT BE???????? I have no idea what is going on. Any suggestions? Last time I sent my water to be tested the iodine came back a little low .02. I think Iodine levels are only real important when they molt. Shrimp only last a few days at most. All other parameters test good.
nitrates 0
calcium 420
alk 9 dkh
ph 8.1
salinity 1.025


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Oops, sorry, this one slipped by me.

I don't think iodine is the problem, and I don't know what might be causing your problem. How many shrimp have you added, total?


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No problem,

I would say in the 75 I added 3 shrimp and in my sons 12 gallon nano I tried 2. The longest survivor in the 75 was right about a week. In the 75 after the shrimp was around for 3 day's I figured I was home free.........Then it disappeared. I am think that in the 75 this last shrimp might have been consumed by a green brittle star. The star has been removed but I am afraid to try another $32.00 shrimp.......I am not sure if I am just having bad luck with shrimp or something is up. Just don't understand why everything else in all my tanks is doing great.


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My maroon clown finds them tasty. Sounds to me like you have a shrimp predator in your tank - can you list your current inhabitants?

Also doubt it's chemistry related.


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I have a hitchhiker mantis which ate two of my shrimps. Now I keep it in my display like kind of a shrimp with no other invertebrates, just with fish :rolleyes:. But seriously, you have there some shrimp eater thing, no chemistry issue.


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Well......I might agree with the predator thing if I was not finding the dead shrimp. The one fire shrimp that I thought was going to make it disappeared so that one might have been a predator. That is why I removed the green brittle star.

I will try another one in the tank upstairs (75) and see what happens....