Huge Dillema


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I am about to purchase a 29 gallon bio cube from my LFS. I am a college student who has had much experinece with freshwater fish, but am new to the saltwater hobby. I plan on keeping about 4 fish, an anenome, and live rock. My problem is i dont know what to do when i leave my college town for winter vacation and have to leave my aquarium up in my apartment. Can anyone shed some advice on how i should feed my fish and also do the matainence required. I will be gone for about 4 weeks and im really at a lost of what to do. i dont want anyone to come in and feed them but it might have to be a last resort. i would also appreciate any advice or insight on the biocube. Thanks for your help.


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Actually you have a few dilemas.

1. If your new to salt, handling a 29g bio cube might not be the best idea. The problem with a 29g tank is that managing water quality can be really difficult... ie, if things go to $hit they usually get there in a hurry. Typically it is better to start with bigger tank because the water quality will degrade more slowly and give you a chance to manage things better.

2. This is a pretty high priced hobby. I wanted to get into it when i was back in college but when you figure out how much everything is going to cost for startup and maintenance (not even counting livestock) it can be really tough on a budget. LR is roughly $4.99 per lb., lighting is a couple of hundred (especially if you want to keep an anem), skimmer is another hundred or more, testing supplies, etc... you sorta see where this is leading. I dont know you financial situation and this may not be the case but it was for me.

3. Dont attempt an anem of any kind until your system has been stable for at LEAST 6months (more would be better). Until your tank becomes stable (can take months) an anem would quickly perish and your gonna be out $40.... plus when it dies it will degrade your water even more and probably kill your livestock.

4. Feeding... you could get an automatic feeder (expensive) or you could have someone do it for you. The main problem is that your going to be away for 4 weeks... if something goes wrong or needs your attention you wont be there to fix it (ie, water goes to $hit, skimmer overflows, auto feeder screws up or friend feeds too much).

This post could easily go on and on but i'll stop here with some good advice...... READ (and understand) everything on here before you start anything. Start with the NEW TO SALTWATER articles on this forum and then branch out from there and find others who have done a system your size. What worked for them, what didnt?

Everything that you need is right here on this site. I taught myself salt (from this page and countless books) for 8months before i even bought the first piece to my system. Freshwater to saltwater is a hell of a jump.... pretty much like apples and avacados.

Dont let my post dissuade you.... i just want you to start this wonderful hobby with a positive experience and NOT waste your money. Good luck an feel free to ask questions, but remember... if you have that question chances are someone has already asked and recieved an answer on here already.


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I agree with all of the above. Don't be discouraged, but do read as much as you can before committing to a purchase.