i can't keep fishes?


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all my corals and clams are doing great that include lps ,acan and sps.i can't seem to keep fishes especially new fishes after quanity for 30 day.i even start running UV ,which i never did before.it's there any test u guys could suggest?thanks

it would help if you would give more detail on what's happening to your fish. Ich, fungus, spots, sores, etc. What's going on with them?
It may be the fish store your buying from is getting fish that were caught with cyanide. Buy fish from somebody else and see if this is still a problem. Post your water quality parameters so I can check. Probably okay since your corals are okay.
my fellow reefer and i order 6 yellow belly,he's kept 3 and i kept 3 his doing excellence,mine die with in 2 week,they're doing fine at first ,they're eating nori and flake and swim together and one day they're stop eating and have cloudy eyes and die within 24 hours.in the mean time his doing exccelence.either i'm bad luck or i need to test for something before i put any fishes into my tank.thanks for any advice in advance

Test for amonia, nitrite and nitrates. All the best, keep a close eye on the amonia and nitrites.
How are you acclimating the fish?

What is your alkalinity?

Are you quarantining your fish? That would be my very urgent recommendation.
amonia is zero,nitrite is zero,nitrate is 20 ppm
akl is 11,yes i did a drip acclimating for an hour.i quarantining the ausie fishes for 30 day.but i did not quarantining the yellow belly.i just check my salinity is 1.22.i will raise that up slowly this week.thanks

I am having the same problem for last 1 month, I have a new tank 125G almost 3 month old, finish the cycle, all parameters are OK.
Put the first batch of fishes 2 months back all fishes died except a Blue hippo tang. Then I put more every other week but they all died again.
Hippo is still alive and infact doing great with other pair of shrimps, and few crabs. First the fishes swim at 45 deg angel, then their eyes goes blurry and body shows lots of white stuff its dosent looks like ICK and then they died, this whole cycle finished in 12-18 hrs. I already made so many water changes that finish 2 buckets of salt in 4 weeks. I get fish from 4-5 different stores. Just dont know whats going on with my New FOWLR tank. I had kept fish before for last 6 yrs but never seen anything like this. I used RO/DI water, running a skimmer and a UV. sometime I think is it the UV causing this (bought from aquatrader in the Bay area).. may be something in this cheap plastic can ......
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If possible purchase your fish from a LFS where you can view the fish before you "buy" and make sure its healthy and eating. Further .. if your having trouble keeping fish purchase/qt them one fish at a time vs buying several .. makes qting easier and should mitigate any water quality issues associated with multiple fish introductions.