i dont know the problem


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I got home today and two of my Damsels wer dead. I have 60 pounds of live sand and I got about 40 pound of live rock. I have 6 hermits and 4 turbo snails, and they seem to be doing ok. I have one more damsels left and he seems to hide most of the time he only comes out to eat. &nd I only bought these sunday. From what I heard damsels are strong fish.
Amonia 0
Nitrite 0
nitrate 5.0
ph 8.2
salt 1.021

These is my 5th week running my tank


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if this is a new tank setup, it could have been an ammonia spike. Your nitrates indicate something happened and ammonia spikes (lethal levels) may only last a couple hours.

How long were the fish in the tank? Ich usually takes more than a day or 3 to kill a fish


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ich is caused by stress. and if not cought in time can kill. they may have been unhealthy before you got them or they had the ich before and just now took off really bad being moved.

2 ways that are proven to treat ich are copper meds and hyposalinity. both require a seperate tank as if you do this in the main tank you will kill off everything and copper meds in the main tank will kill everything off and you won't be able to keep corals or inverts in that tank. hypo is very effective and also safer for the fish. (i suggest using the hypo method)

place "all" fish into the hospital tank. lower the salinity (using a refractometer) to 1.009 over the course of 24 hours (1.010 isn't low enough and will not cure the ich, 1.008 is to low and could harm the fish) leave it at 1.009 for 4-6 weeks and after that time "slowly" raise the sg up to your normal sg over a week then transfer all fish back to main tank. by leaving the main tank fishless during that time it will also kill off the ich that was in there before.

QT all new fish before placing into main tank to be sure they are free from diesies or you will have to do this all over again leaving the main tank fishless again.

Hope that helps.