I have a few Fish FS


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Alright the time has come to start tearing down my tank and get some funds in for New tank and stand, First need to get rid of some of my fish first some I am keeping becasue they are making the trip to there new home I will post fish I haz available with price.

1. blue/red head Fairy Wrasse 3" to 4" $30
2. Sunburst Anthais 2 1/2" $60
3. 2x Yellowtail Damsels not aggessive at all from my observation- $8 takes both or $4 each.
4. Black Bar Chromis- $5
5. Yellow Watchman Goby $15
7. Pair of Scooter Bleenies- $ 15 each or $30 for both

I will only take Paypal payment if you want to pay in advance to hold fish I would like these guys gone ASAP. Pick up is in Logan Square/ Huumbolt Park area.

Please PM me with info

Also Failed to Mention Prices are firm...

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The wrasse is a great looking fish. Came in on one of the group buys I did. Really nice coloration.


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Here is the Picture of the Wrasse



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If you aren't posting in regards to the items listed by the OP, please do not post on this thread. Thank you.


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Thanks for stopping out ataylo13 glad the Sunburst and the Pair Scooter Blennies went to a great home...

Fish still available and no one has picked up yet

Wrasse is still up for Grabs- In breeders net waiting for pickup from someone- Thanks for the help ataylo13- :)

Also Damsels and Chromis

Yellow Watchman still pending.


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It was good to meet you. The new guys are being dripped as we speak.

I am looking forward to the pics of your new setup.