I was told to ask for Randy.


In Memoriam
OK my cal. is low 340 ppm phos-0 nit-0 nat-0 amo-0 ph-7.8 never buched either , i have 2 test kits niether has alk test tho go figure . LFS sold me kalk said to drip and i was good to go . Well as with most lfs guys go, i still thought i needed more advice so i asked rc people before i added. I mixed it in ro water and bottle says to use clear top part only water still clowdy will it clear and i cant drip is there another way. and people told me i was doing it wrong and referred me here HELP.


Team RC
I'm NO Randy, but, I think you need to get that calcium up a bit with some turbo calcium then maintain with kalk. I saw your other post and the kH is a little on the low side (7). Get these in check before you dose kalk is my recommendation. But agian - Randy knows best. :)