Ich attach to anemone?


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so I've picked up the very good habit of basically isolating anything from my DT, and making sure they go through proper QT. All fish get TTM before going in, and corals sit in my frag tank for monitoring, and then if I add them to my DT I'll break them off the plugs (which is where ich *could* be) and add them to rock.

So I'm fairly confident my DT is ich free, and all my tangs look happy.

That said, I was wondering what to do for an Anemone I am considering getting. Can ich attach to an anemone? Or would I be pretty safe if I get an anemone, put it in a QT tank for a day or 2 (to 'dilute out' the water which may have free floating ich), and then toss into the DT?

I know if I put the anemone in its own tank for 60 days, that would be the safest way. But it's not really an option IMO.



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Your on the right track. Im just like you. I wont tolerate anything near my display tank. You know the right thing to do...
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Ich cysts can't attach to an anemone. So unless the anemone sits on a rock or holds on to some pebbles it can't bring ich (or velvet) cysts with it.

In theory it could have some free infective stages inside its gastro-vascular cavity, though it isn't very likely.

Generally anemones should be quarantined for their own good, to make sure they don't come with an anemone disease, usually bacterial infections. Two to four weeks are usually sufficient for that purpose, but you could make it 6 weeks to be sure you don't get any free velvet stages or Brooklynella into your DT.