Idea for clam floor/attachment piece


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Has anyone attempted to attach their clam to a small piece of plexiglass or acrylic? I would like to attach them all but do not want the hassle of having a large rock to move aound. Does anyone see any problem with this?? Here is the reason: I have a theory, attached clams will grow at significantly faster rates than those that are not. I know this ins't very scienitific but here is my evidence.

I bought 2 farm raised crocea's, of which one went in the sand and the other on a rock. I am almost postive they were from the same batch at the farm and were the same size when I picked them out. In a matterof 4 months the one of the rock out grew the sandbed clams by 4X's. There was approximately .5 cm growth vs almost 2 cm. They have been in the same tank with the same water conditions. I have no other explaination other than the attachment. I think it should also be important to note that the one attached is showing slightly better coloration as well. Any idea's or experience with something similar?
I thought about that possibility but the clams are within 6 inches of each other and should get almost identical lighting.
6 inches vertically? Look at some posts about PAR rating and light intensity. Light intensity drops off dramatically every inch deeper you go. You would be surpirised how much of a difference it can make.
The attatchment may be the reason? Maybe a crocea that is not attached feels stressed because it is an unnatural way for a rock boring clam to be. I think it would be better to get it to attach to a small piece of live rock (the tonga shelf variety may work well). It would be easy to move and look more natural.

i have the opposite experience. my only clam that is up in the rockwork has shown barely noticable growth over the past year, but all the clams on my sandbed have grown like crazy. some of the clams on the bottom have attached to the glass some haven't (they're big enough they don't have to).
Hey Jeff, why don't you find one of those recipes for "make your own rocks" and make some small platforms for the clams to attach to? Take an old clam shell and make an indentation that the clam can sit in and hopefully it will attach to it. Then you'll have a manageable sized rock with an attached clam.

How are all those clams doing?