intake for eheim 1262 pump


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This is probably a silly question but: What do you use to draw-in water from your tank (not a sump or refugium) down tubing to an external pump. That water is then sent to a chiller which returns the water back up and connects to a wavy sea plus? I believe this is a type of "closed loop"? The tubing would be 1" to the eheim (about 900 gpm max.)

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Nano Chris

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I would get something like this U (take off the end piece, put a strainer type thing to keep fish.. etc from being sucked into it) and have one for the return:

If the hose is filled with water the pump shouldn't have a problem sucking the water from the main tank (due to gravity keeping it draining downward to the pump.)

Hope i explained it correctly (if this is what you mean.)


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Exactly! How do you stabilize that? I was thinking of buying the accessories (intake tube and clamp) that you find on a Marineland Magnum 350. Do I need to be concerned with the diameter of the tube?