is this refractometer worth it?


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or spend the extra money and go with the second one. mind you that i am dealing with a college budget here ha

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Man, just save your money for school books or something. Buy another hydrometer. I am still using the same one I started out with. Sorry you got a bad one but they work fine and dont cost near that kind of money.


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I just got the top one, but from Foster & Smith, and mine came with a nice case. Works great and IMO more accurate and easier & less messy to use than a hydrometer.


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check out EBAY.. they go for about $20 bucks and if you get a good seller, it should be OK. There is one seller that seems to sell them direct from the manufacturer. His go for $20 plus about $8 shipping. My LFS sells the identical one for $70

just my 2 cents