it's getting a little cloudy in here


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Thought folks here might find this intresting.




I'm sure your corals enjoyed a yummy treat! Cool pics!

I just had a trumpet coral spawn this weekend and my midas blenny ate it all.. dirty little bugger.
Hey Guys, I'm not sure who was more excited in the whole ordeal The fish, the clam or me. Gramma I did do a 10 gal change this morning just because but I did feel the corals would like the spawn. The fish did so I'm sure the corals did as well. All looks well today.
There she blows....matie! :lol:


You have very good camera work! That should definitely be in the monthly column at RC. I think you should summit that series of pictures. It is hella wicked!

Jimmy :smokin:
Thanks guys, I happened to witness the event for a good 30-45 min. The clam releasing gametes anywhere from 30 second to 3 min intervals. So I was able watch and snap away for a good while. Getting 20 plus descent shots of the whole thing. Stretch, I'm not the best guy at explaining things so here is link to what looks like might answer your question.
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