Just ordered my first Anthias


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Hey guys, i just placed an order from liveaquaria for some anthias... is there anything i should know before they get here? I got 3 Dispar anthias. Anything about feeding would be good to know

Any suggestions would be great.

Also wondering if anyone has Anthias housed with Fairy Wrasses. I have a Redheaded Fairy. Other in habitants include 2 tangs. An eel (snowflake - very friendly) and a great cleanup crew.
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Start out with small foods like Artic Pods or Pacifica plankton. Gradually increase the food size until you have them eating what you usually feed. All of this should be done in a QT tank. Once they are eating well they will take what ever is offered. Mine will eat pellets and flake but I rarely offer them. Once settled in they do well.

Do you know the sex's of what you are getting?

I too have 3 dispars which are all female and they love cyclop-eez and mysis shrimp. When I first introduced the fish to my tank, I enticed them to eat using cyclop-eez. Make sure to keep these fish well fed, preferably 2 times a day in small portions.
I just introduced them to the tank 2 weeks ago, so they are all still females. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure how long it takes for them to change sex.
The one I have pictured took four and half months to go from female to this. It was constant battling with the established male for month's but now this one is the dominant male.

Cyclopeeze is a great supplemental food for anthias. They will do much better if you setup a feeding timer for at least 3x a day w/ very little anthias food. It is a good idea to start a food chain w/ phyto to create live food for them.
Live food is your best bet but live food needs to be swimming or dripped in the water column for it to be any benefit to dispar or really any of the commonly seen Pseudanthias species.