keeping 2 blond naso tangs?

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Question: I plan on adding 2 blond naso tangs into my 135g at the same time after its done cycling.
As long as one is not added before the other does anyone think this will still cause a territory war between the two?

I was also hoping to add a yellow tang and although this won't cause territory issues I don't wnat to overload my tank ither.

does anybody se ethis causu=ing a problem or am I good to go?


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a couple problems with that:

A. These are not hardy fish
B. Wouldnt not be the first fish to go into the tank
C. They get 12 to 15 inches in captivity and need alot of swiming room (not that a 135 isn't a big tank but for these fish I would go a little bigger footprint)

just my 2 cents


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Nope... Keep in mind that ethics is a big part of this hobby and keeping 2 nasos in a 135 IMO is not ethical:) I would say an 8' tank minimum for those two.


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Tangs are aggresive and should be toward the last added. You need to research all the stock you want and then add least to the most aggresive for alot less headaches. And i would add them at the same time.

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Congrats on being humble enough to ask first. I have a Naso tang in a 215g tank with tremendous flow, and this fish eats it up like nothing. I think having two inside a 135 is unwise. Not only do these fish get big and swim like mad, they create a lot of waste as well.

Also, if they do not like each other in such cramped quarters, they may fight a lot. They have sharp barbs near their tails and can inflict some serious damage upon each other. They may not fight when they are younger, but as they age and become sexually mature, you may have some issues.


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I dont think you'd have any issues with aggressiveness since Naso's are one of the more docile of the tangs. But as everyone mentioned, too small of a tank. One Naso should be in nothing less than a 300, let alone two.

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Were all mad here.
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Great thanks for all the great advice.

I don't want to push my limits of cause any problems between my fish so I'll take the advice and stick to one because I keep reading 125g min for the Naso Blond Tangs. So I can see this causing problems if I keep 2.