Latest ric purchase.


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We got together for a group buy out here in Cactusland. I ended up buying 10. If my 120 was cycled, I'd have gone hog wild.

I thought I'd post a few pics. Yes, I understand that these are common compared to what many of you are raising. Still, if you are like me, you enjoy seeing rics regardless.

I also ended up with some blues, some purples and a yellow. I'll get some more pics up in the next couple of days.

This was shot a third of a stop under cause sand was killing evaluative metering:


The following two are much more accurate color rendition.


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Very nice! Some of those aren't as common as you may think they are. I have yet to see a yellow or pink Ric florida in person, nevertheless for sale. I'd love to have those!

Besides, like you said, true Ric fans love seeing pics of even the most common rics :D


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I ended up with 2 of the pinks, one with two mounths, 3 of the orange and blues, a single neon yellow that looks hauntingly similar to bleached, the ones in the pic at the base of the rock is a single with 4 mouths, evenly spaced, whatever color that is. I couldn't bring myself to break out the razor blade as they were surely stressed during transport.

There's also a funky purple, as well as a blue that is different. Have to let them settle in to stablize colors.

If the pinks do well and toss a baby, I'll PM you.


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Sure that would be great. Hopefully the shipping and the cost of the ric won't make it prohibitively expensive.

I'd like to see the purple one when you get a pic of it. I don't think I've seen a purple Ric florida before.

I'd hold off a month or so before propping any of them... just to be safe. It would be a real shame to lose one of those beauties from stress.


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It was a group buy for a little over 100 rics. I think she is getting them from a supplier that 's kind enough to hand pick because of volume. I have no idea who it was but I can try and find out.

Either way, I suspect you'd have to do a large group buy.


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Yea, please post if you can get some info. I have purple ones and blue ones but none of the ones that you have posted. Would love to get some new ones for my tank.