Lawn mower Blennies in quarantine


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Has your Lawn Mower Blennie made it thru quarantine ok... ours is not eating and I am starting to be concerned of him starving to death. He wont even look at prepared foods etc. He lived off the glass and live rocks exclusively and there is nothing for him to eat otherwise in our QT..
Don't know if I can help you, I never quarantined mine. I have had him now for a year and he hardly ever eats any prepared foods. Occassionally he nips at dried sea weed or the duradiscs, you could try those.
I have one in QT undergoing Hypo, He never ate prepared foods before, so this was a challange. I have wrapped Nori around a mag float, and he seems to be picking at it. I also place a spirulina sinking disk in the tank every day. I can't say he's eating either one of these for sure, but It makes me feel better. He is not as fat as he was, but still looks healthy. It's been 4 weeks now. He also picks at the glass some, so there must be something there for him to eat. Yours may do the same as the algae builds.

Do your best to get him to eat prepared foods, try everything. Try wrapping rocks, plastic tubes, and mag floats in nori. Place several in different spots in the tank. You just might fool him!

Good Luck!
My LM is in QT too, but he eats Nori like mad. I had it in a clip, but broke the clip, so now it's just rubberbanded to a rock. Together the LM and a small yellow tang eat a piece of nori the size of a credit card every day. My lawnmower looks like he swallowed a marble.

One thing you can try is to overfeed the tank and leave your lights on longer. This should build up algae in the tank, and maybe the lawnmower will go after that.