Leaf Fish ?


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This is my first Aggressive Tank. I have him in with some nice pink & red LR all by his self. I have bought some kind of live sw shrimp for him. They are bigger then i thought they would be, like g.shrimp not as big as cleaner or peperments. Anyhow i was told that live shrimp is what he eats so that is what i got. Now i was online trying to read up on him & didnt find out much at all. I did read where he has a sm mouth & will grow up to 4 inches. He can also learn to eat frozen foods. Tank of 20g's & i can have more then one. Not alot to read.
So if you know adought this guy I would love to here abought them or if you know of a place where i can get better info.

My ? is can he eat the shrimp ? He is around 2 inches. I want to make sure he can eat them with no trouble.

I didnt see any where on how much or how often to feed him either ?

I read here somewere a long time ago that frog fish or anglers would over eat & die.

So i dont want to feed him anything to big or to often.

Thank You For Any Help.
You can over feed them just like angler and lionfish and so you may want to only feed them big meal once or twice a week because they are very active. You also want to get them to eat thing other than live food. My best experinces have been going to a plastic so and getting a super thin plastic stick they make one the are clear and barely a centimeter across then try different frozen food first have them the same size as what you are feeding him now second if that does not work put a live feeder shrimp on the stick and feed him that way and after he or she gets used to it freeze some the the shrimp and switch back and forth until it gets used to frozen food finally once it is feed a good varity of food like pieces of krill and silverside soak the frozen food in supliments like selcon or zoe
another trick for the frozen food is chose pieces that still have the eye in thatpast the fish have respond to krill with eyes much sooner than just chunks
good luck and show us some pictures
Can he eat the big shrimp ? they said he has a small mouth. Does that mean he has a mouth like a fish or that it is small for that species of fish. What is a big meal for such a fish. One shrimp or two.

Is there a fish i can keep with him. The tank looks dead as he doesnt swim around much.
Here is a picture of him sorry its not very good. His other home still has some fish in it but will be out soon. He does seem to enjoy his holding tank & moves around plenty.