LF: LED Suggestions

Nola Bear

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I just got a great deal on an Innovative Marine Fusion 30L. The tank dimensions are ~36Lx13Hx15D.

I am open to suggestions, but I was thinking about two primes, but I am not against a wifi blackbox.

What would you reasonably use? PM me if you are looking to sell~



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Check out some tanks in person. See for yourself what you think is working for others. We all think what we have works great but it may not be up to your standards.
I am in Largo if you want to check my setup out. Pm for details.


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I have a single regular prime over a jbj frag tank about 14" over it. Surprisingly I have a setosa, birdsnest and had another acro growing. Not quite as fast as I'd like, but, had I used the ai mount it probably would've been better. Soft and lps are fine. Imo, sticks would do ok if placed appropiately and acclimated. Fwiw I'm running everything but Uv ,red,green at 100%
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