Light Film Of Green All Over My Tank...


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I have notices that the light green algea that builds up on the glass has intesified over the last few days. There is a green film on the sand and glass. When I run the mag float over it, the algea looks like dust.

I have a cleaner crew of turbo snails and hermit crabs.

The only changes I have made was to add the VHO lights. I am running VHO from 8am-8pm and MH from 10am-6pm.

I also added a filter sock about 4 days ago.

All my numbers looks great. 0 phosphates.

Any suggestions would be awesome. My tank looks the the tank from Finding Nemo when they broke the filter!

Thanks! :fun4:


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How old is the tank? Is it recieving any sunlight now that the sun angle is higher in the sky? Is this being accompanied by any increase in Cyano?

I think I would start with the changes in your lighting.. back off your MH a few hours ..Try 12 -6 or 10 -4 or 1-6 ..see what that does..

I don't think the addition of the sock would cause any algae blooms , it sounds more like an increase from the lighting could be a response to increased lighting and silica/nutrient availability in the water... FWIW just my 2cent


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yeah just the typical green algae that forms on the glass. here's a ? for you. And me, not really being a novice should know WAY better than to do this.

Not having any of the coralife glass cleaner my roomate used WINDEX (cringe)... for like 4 times. This caused that layer of green on the glass for about a whole week following. Just a thought.


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also if you moved rock, or did any shifting around or had some snail dieoff this is probably the most opportunistic of all the algae's. Any little disruption and boom they are there (as single celled org's) to cleanup the left over. I would'nt pay it too much mind... look in my gallery to see what my old tank once looked like.

another thought.... are you using tap or r.o.?? I remember when I was in analytical chemistry class... we used to measure tap water and during the winter months the values were very stable but then when the snow melted and we get more rain that equalled more runnoff, in the end that meant much less stability in tap water parameters during the "unfrozen" months especially during the snowmelt. something for every one who uses tap to think about.