Lighting for a Meteor Shower frag??


Tank Tinkerer
Anyone can go to several of the numerous coral selling websites and most will list a piece of coral as "low, medium or high" light. That's all subjective and doesn't really help me much. I can put the piece up top if it says high light, but with 0.14 phosphates, I'm too new to recognize the signs of decay from too much light vs. the water parameters not being good enough (like trying to grow an acro with 0.1-0.15 phosphates).

I'm purchasing a Tyree Meteor Shower (World Wide Corals has one on their site at "") from a local guy who runs his own frag tank.

I've had a piece before and it was doing well on the top shelf next to a large Maxima Clam (4 inches long) with an old Algae Turf Scrubber I was running, until a switch in the T5 fixture broke and I went two weeks without sufficient light. Now I have a fuge with chaeto.

If the owner of the frag has the thing about 2 feet from a MH light (I need to ask how many watts) in 4 inches of frag tank water, and then I go put the thing on my top shelf next to the Maxima Clam, how do I tell if it's not doing well due to the light or if the water parameters are off?

My phosphates are running at around 0.14 and I've been doing 10-20% water changes every 2-5 days, but I can't keep acros and some of the hard SPS'es. I'm doing great with the Lobos, the Chalices, and the LPS'es, but I'm not sure if the Meteor Shower is considered an LPS or SPS. I would think that the Chalices would need tons of light, since they don't have large polyps, but the piece of Chalice I have that's 4 inches across has been flourishing and growing, sitting about 2 inches off the sand, 22 inches from the top of the water. I'm running a solid media reactor now, using new Eco-BAK pellets. Jon Warner has told me it takes 4-6 weeks for the pellets to become effective, so I'm using Rowaphos in the reactor too. The output from the reactor is 0.14. I know I have too many fish. They were great when they were small, but now they are growing and pooping more, so I can't get the phosphates down below 0.1. As we all know, trying to get one out is very difficult. I have several ideas, but until the pellets take effect, I'm still using Rowaphos in the reactor.

Will a Tyree Meteor Shower be able to survive in water that has 0.1 to 0.15 ppm in phosphates if the lighting is sufficient? I'm cutting back on my feeding to help with the phosphates. Is a Meteor Shower considered an LPS or SPS? What about Chalices??