Live Rock Aquascape


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Does anyone have experience with driling and doweling or attaching live rock together. I want to go with a more open aquascape this time. I want to make some arches. I know Tom did columns, so I will definitely hit him up for drilling technique. Post pics if you have attached live rock pices together before. Thanks in advance.



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Use flexi glass rods from tap plastic, they are stronger and cheaper than acrylic rods. epoxy and ziptie works great too. To drill use a ceramic drill bit they tend to work the best.

Get two bits, one to fit the rod, and one smaller bit to run the ziptie


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Mike- I did an aquascaping job for my buddy about a year ago and made him a couple free standing structures including a 100+ pound arch that is actually about 10-12 different pieces. I drilled the rock and used fiberglass dowels from TAP plastics along with a whole lot of aquamend to shear up the seams. I'd be glad to help out any way I can.......If you promise to come to a meeting soon that is:D