Looking for broodstock - Need equipment, ideas

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Hey everyone..

Just got done reading the new "The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide to Marine Fishes" and got inspired. usually what that means is that I try to do something, overdo it, and end up spending a lot of money...LOL. But I got time on my hands and a spare room at my house...so why not..

Anyway....Im setting up a centralized breeding system with many different tanks. These are the fish I am leaning towards starting with.

1) Maroon Clowns
2) Orchid Dottybacks (Yes, I read Martin Moe's book too)
3) Flame Dottybacks (If I can find these beautiful fish...cant find them anywhere)
4) Bangaii Cardinals
5) Neon Gobies
6) Blue Assessors

Any other suggestions? I would really llike to breed things that arent in major supply. Stuff that may be a little more in demand and that people would like to see more of. Would love to hear some suggestions if people have any.

Also...I am in need of some equipment. Gonna need:

1) a large protein skimmer (200 gallons)
2) a UV Sterilizer
3) some 1/2" or 1" inch bulkheads and ball valves
4) a return pump
5) about a 50 Gal sump...

If anyone has any of these they are looking to get rid of, let me know.

I am really looking forard to this....let me hear what you guys got to say...



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If you can find the assessors let me know...I have been looking for some time..even if you do find them and breed them..Id be interested in one..great looking fish

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No ...the flame dottyback is Cypho Purpurascens.....Neon Dottyback is Pseudochromis aldabraensis. The Flame is also called Oblique - Lined, or Cherry, or McCulloughs Dottyback....they are beautiful and from Australia/Fji area...but impossible to find...

Ill let ya know if I find assessors...at least I have some leads on that one....

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Good choice. I thought about these earlier...but cant find much on rearing them...other than its difficult...lol..

But that may be a good challenge to think about ...