Looking for Peacock Mantis in Texas

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Im looking to get a small Peacock mantis in the Houston area. Im actually in College Station, Texas. Any help finding one would be great.

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Fish Ranch in Houston has had a few peacocks lately, but they're somewhat overpriced. $40 for a small one.
Have you talked to the managers at Pet Paradise and Somethings Fishy in CS? We got our first mantis, a 3" green and red smasher, at Somethings Fishy, and an orange Pseudosquilla ciliata at Pet Paradise. I think there was also a little saltwater-only store on Harvey that got in a couple small mantises in live rock orders.

Anyways, if you haven't checked out the local stores, go in and talk to the managers. You'd be surprised what occasionally turns up! You might not be able to get a peacock, but getting _any_ mantis can be an accomplishment.


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