Looking for tips: how to trim back a Plate Leather


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I have a Plate Leather that's getting taking over one side of my tank. Can someone offer pointers on how I can trim/frag this beast. Would it be better to split it in half, down the center? Or trim arround the outside edges? Any help would be appreciated.


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You could cut it right down the middle or cit it in four. It should heal up just fine. Its a little scary at first but i have done this a few times and always had success. I recently had some issues with my toadstool leather coral. It had some type of white parasite on it and it almost completely died. I ended up taking it out of the tank and cutting into it to see if I could salvage any of it. I ended up with an 1"x1" square from the core and it is developing a new head with polyps now.


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you can cut also arround the edge to make the hat smaller (as you like) and cut the edge into pieces to make new ones....