Lux Value/Intensities


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What devices are out there that can be used in a marine tank for measuring the amount of light being received at a specific depth? In the photography world, the light meters are great tools but I doubt they will work underwater.

Also - what is the right intensity for each type of clam? The rules of thumbs exist, but what should we be targeting to reproduce?
I have an aquamarine lightmeter, which measures light in footcandles, which can be converted to lux--I don't have it right in front of me, otherwise I'd give you the conversion factor. I know tunze used to make a luxmeter, but haven't seen it advertised in a while. I'm sure there are many companies manufacturing these for aquarium use.

As far as intensities are concerned, I don't know that anyone has actually figured mean lux values for clams, as this will vary infinitely depending on depth, water clarity, cloudcover, etc. I just try to make it BRIGHT.

good luck on finding a meter---imho, it's not necessary for most people, just a cool toy.