Male Squareback Anthias - Ich?


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I have a fairly new squareback anthias that I bought from a known shop. He was there for 8 weeks and was eating and looking good albeit a bit bashful.

That behavior has not changed and he's eating well but I'm a bit worried about his 'breathing.' It seems like he's constantly breathing hard and has been for 5 days now. Whenever I feed (mysis) he comes right out and eats as well as chases the female squareback around for a bit. All while 'breathing' hard. I do not see any white spots or black spots on him or any other fish at all.

This squareback DID NOT go through a proper quarantine at my house. My QT is being re-stocked right now...the tank I bought for it got drilled and converted into a refugium. (Stupid.)

Tank mates in a 150G XH (48x24x31) This is likely all the stock it will get.
Sailfin Tang
Yellow Tang (these two tangs are the FIRST TIME I've ever bought tangs)
3 B/G chromis
Banggai Cardinal
Flame Cardinal
Female squareback anthias

They are fed mysis shrimp twice daily -- at 0800 and 1900. The tangs get a bit of seaweed every other day. All the mysis is gone within 3 minutes and everyone eats well.