mantis hunt


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hello all!

i am currently in week 8 of my mantis hunt. i ordered one from my lfs who makes one trip weekly to his supplier in LA. after 8 weeks im getting a little restless.

looks like i missed the boat on the ffexpress as it appears that are out as well.

does anyone have any suggestions on how to obtain a peacock mantis? im not set on that species, but i'd definitely prefer one.

thanks in advance!
uh hopefully u mean LA as los angeles
cuz if u meant LA as in lousiana then i can't really help ya out
into week 9 of mantis hunt. is this about how long it takes everyone else to locate a peacock mantis?

guy from the lfs struck out again this week and i've received no word regarding suppliers in the so cal area from anyone in the forum.

does anyone have any advice? thanks again!
The OS that DJ88 posted pics of took a year to obtain. I've ordered one from the same source; hopefully it doesn't take another year!!

thanks for the reply. i was beginning to feel a little ignored there for a second.

suddenly 10 weeks doesnt seem so bad...i'll know how the guy from my lfs did around noon tomorrow. maybe i'll have some pics to post:smokin: ....but i wouldnt count on it.

until then i keep lookin for other sources. i'll let you know if i come up with anything good.

Unfortunately I'm in Canada and there is no real source available. Most US sources don't want the hassle of shipping here.
The only place that has a chance is the one I mentioned and it took them a year to get the last one.
I have 3 now, but they're just adoptees from people who found them in LR. Too bad people don't find OS in live rock!!
sorry to hear that they're so hard to come across up north. kul976 wrote that he has all these money O.S. hook ups, but hasnt been too willing to tell me about them. maybe he's just been busy...

anyways, if i do hit the motherload i would be happy to ship you one. i know how frustrating this can be...

well on to week 11. the lfs guy didnt even go to his supplier in LA this week (after promising up and down that he was going). i understand that he has other things to do, but this is getting more frustrating by the week.

so once again i'll ask anyone in RC if they have a so cal source for O.S. that they would be willing to share. or some place non local that is willing to ship.

thanks again