Mantis Shrimp Lifespan??


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Does anyone know how long a mantis shrimp lives? I know I've got some in my tank....I've seen one, but he was too quick to be able to tell which rock he went into and I've heard simultaneous clicking from various parts of the tank.

I don't know what type of mantis shrimp it is, but I got the rocks from TBS in Florida if that helps. How big do they get? What is the likelihood of it attacking a yellow tail damsel, maroon clown, or a royal gramma?
These are most likely a Neogonodactylus species from the Caribbean. The most common species in LR is N. wennerae.
Maximum size is around 70 mm. The maximum age of this species has never been determined, but the maximum age of a very similar species, N. bredini, is 6-7 years.

Thanks for the info Gonodactylus!
Now I have to come up with a plan to get them out of my tank before they do some harm to the other inhabitants!:eek1: :eek2: :eek1: