Manufactured live rock


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Does anyone now what product/paint/dye is used to simulate coralline on rocks? I have a bunch of dried up live rock I would like to add color to before I setup my new tank.


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I think most manufacturers use their own proprietary paint/dye to color their rock.

For example:

"Real Reef’s beautiful shades of Purple, Pink and Red come from a water based non-toxic natural pigment. These proprietary pigments are injected and applied through several techniques and processes. Every piece of Real Reef is hand made by our Artisans here at our U.S. facility with pride and creativity."

I don't think there is an off-the-shelf solution for you. It would be great if someone could invent it though, I'm sure it'll sell well!


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My guess is that it would have to be a dye or fine pigment such that the surface would remain porous.