Melanurus digging behavior?


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I've got a 2.75" Melanurus in a 45g cube (24x24x18 -- I know it's a small, but she's partially paralyzed and I couldn't rehome her).

Lately I'm finding her digging a LOT and getting sand everywhere, while carefully looking over her dig site. I'm thinking she's looking for worms or something?

I may have just missed the info, but I couldn't find anything on this behavior. But I thought she's searching for goodies because she pretty much floats around all day inspecting every minute nook and cranny for anything that looks delicious. She of course wants my tank to look like a snow globe all the time. Which can get annoying.

Also, I think she's been turning male for a bit, and I should stop calling her 'her'.



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Melanrus sleep in the sand. It might be trying to dig to sleep. But looks like you don't have a deep enough sand bed.

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Ive had mine for a few years, he is currently about 3.75". I cant say that I have seen that behavior before.

One of my favorite fish, beautiful, great personality.


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They do dig to sleep, mine disappears shortly after the "sun goes down" in my tank and it switches to all actinic. if I catch it, I'll see a little poof of sand and he's gone. Never seen him dig during the day though.


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Mine does this from time to time but only around her area where she buries herself at night. Needless to say my Acan, chalice and Chyphastrea get irritated from it.

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