Mesh Needed


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Hey guys,

Been out of the loop for awhile with some other hobbies but I'm trying to revive my tank right now. :)

I was just browsing through RC and saw some people perform this Mesh mod on their skimmers and are getting amazing results. I'm also looking to do this as well with my ASM G3 that already has a recirc and gate valve on it.
I'm kinda scared to cut up the impeller on it though... hehe.

Anybody know of any place locally that has good mesh for this mod?
Or if anybody has some extra they want to sell?
Thanks guys


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Some guy on the general forum is selling sheets of this stuff for only $6.50 shipped. As far as cutting/ruining the NW, I built up enough courage and did it on mine. Works very well! You'll see a significant difference. If you have any worries you can go to the DIY forum where you'll see a huge thread on this topic. I did this mod on my sedra 5000 recirced and right now it's pulling 11-12lpm. I'd recommend doing 2 layers.



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I was also trying to find this mesh but the guy who sold alot of it, mavgi, is all out of it. He said he is trying to get ahold of more. I thought I saw the same material at coral oasis. Maybe someone else local has some left over to get rid of.