More info about PMAS??


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Where can I find more information about your organization. Im from Johnstown and we dont have anything close to a group like this. I would be interested in getting involved in some manner sometime just to have some type of connection with people with similar interestes fairly close to me.

Also Im going to in the McKnight Rd area in a few weeks and am wondering if there are any good LFS's in that area I can check out while im there. Im only really familair with whats available in the Monroeville area.

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Johnstown, PA
Click on "supporting stores" in the left hand column of the PMAS homepage. It has the addresses and phone #'s of some good stores in the area. Closest to Mcknight would be Pet Supplies Plus on Mcknight (not listed) and then Perrytowne Aquarium, Seahorse on RT 8, and then if you take McKnight to Rt. 19 and go north to Cranberry, there is Under the Sea ( a very nice store that recently opened).

There are a couple members in the Johnstown area, I'm sorry I can't remember names. Maybe an e-mail to the membership chair
listed on the website could get you connected.
I'm in Altoona. There are a couple reef-nuts here & we love to talk about our addiction. I make most PMAS meetings, although I'll miss this month, maybe we can carpool from 219 or something.

Let me know