mp's 10/20 compared to modded mj


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While researching the prospect of replacing a pair of modded maxijets on a wavemaker with vortechs in my 58 gallon reef, I came across the "size does matter" page on the EcoTech Marine website, which shows exactly that.

How would the flow from a mp20 or mp10 compare to the flow from the modded mj's? I have run 1200's, 900's and 600's and have seen very little difference between the 3 sizes. I have plenty of flow, possibly even too much, so I am not looking to increase the flow. The goal is to quiet down the tank, and minimize the footprint of the equipment.

The thing I do like about the current setup is the varying flow due to the wavemaker. My mj's alternate about once a minute. I would like to keep something similar-- just "soften" the flow change and perhaps vary the flow levels a bit more than I can now.

Would a pair of mj10's be good for what I am looking for? I downloaded the manual, but am still a bit hazy on how I can set up a pair to alternate or at least not be on full force at the same time. Thanks--


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You cannot get the MP10's nor the MP20's to alternate. The only ones that communicate are the MP40w's. For a 58 gallon tank, I would think that a MP20 would work great, or even a MP40 if you have any intention of upgrading in the future.


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Sorry -- the last line of my first post should read MP10's...

I know there is no anti synch mode for 10's or 20's, but I really don't think a single flow source is what I am looking for, so the 40 is not really being considered at this point. And I don't see a tank upgrade either since this one has been running for 10 yrs now.

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Two MP10's or two MP20's may be a good option for your tank. The MP10's will be cheaper, but with them being so new it's tough to say what people's perception of how well they'll flow in a tank that size will be. I think for anything other than a strict SPS bare bottom style tank, two MP10's on a 58 would do a great job.

I don't have much experience with a maximod but the one I did see produced a very tight flow pattern that was extremely high velocity. Very much the opposite of how our pump moves water despite similar peak flow rates.

Despite not being able to sync the MP10's and 20's, the random flow produced by them in any of the various modes will really impress you coming from a strict off/on powerhead.

If you have no plans to upgrade, I'd go for the 10's, if you do, go for the 20's.


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dont know what to do

dont know what to do

i really like the mp20 but it cost so much can the mp10 create waves like the mp20 i need something for my 75 and i dont know what to do . right now it is the most terrible waves ever i have a 606 a k2(which is terrible ), and a mj1200 help me :rollface: