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Tried the mushroom forum, but no help there.

I purchased a single Red Mushroom polyp last sunday. It has been all shriveled up ever since. I have about 1000 gph in my cube, and i have it under a bridge of rock surrounded so it wont be blasted by flow. I've moved it to ten various positions and nothing. I've turned off two of my four t-5 bulbs-nothing. I've shut off one of my maxijet 1200's-nothing.

I have read that if i take it out and set it in a gladware dish it will recover? I just want to make sure it hasn't died.

My water parameters are perfect by the way. zero am, tri, tra and 8.2 ph. temp is 79.5

Thanks in advance.


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It hasn't died, I can assure you of that. It will take some time especially in regards to flow for the shroom to get comfy in the new tank. I would leave it in med/low light and relatively low flow and see what happens. What's your alkalinity?


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No alk test. Can i just try it with the gladware container though? It looked so beautiful open and i won't lose anything..


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I just bought one a few days ago and at the lfs it was beautiful but when I got it home it was shrivled up, and I did research here and other websites and its normal, it should take a couple of days to open up, mines is just starting to open up