My 20 gal. update(lots of pics)


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Its been quit some time since I have post pics any pic, Just thought I would share. Sorry some of the pics are crappy.









And a pic from a year ago


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nice tank, i have the same size. wut is your stock list?

just wondering if i can keep 4 small fish in mine. mine is yashia haze shrimpgoby, sixline wrasse, and a false perc.


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Sweet lookin tank dude! I see that my hammer extends its polyps a bit more in your tank than mine...i prolly got way more flow over mine though haha.

here's my hammer...just splitting again (i cut it way down...was like 5 heads but i'm gonna let it grow out now instead of trade it!)

an orange plate coral or a yellow fiji leather would look very awesome!

Not sure bout the plate coral, but watch out for the fiji yellow leathers...they grow extremely fast and would outgrow a 20g tank in about...2 months. I've had mine since january and its more than tripled in size. It went from like 3 inches to at least 9.

oh and did you get that xenia from me as well? Same stuff i got, just cant remember... I see that there is less of it in the more recent pics though...same with my tank...i gave you like half of what i had left and then i tried getting rid of the rest...popping up in the top again though :(


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Its a type of algae that feeds off of calcium...and uses a lot of it i guess. It seems like a lot of us here in arizona get that stuff, probably because we all trade corals/rock/etc, so it gets passed on. Its pretty cool actually, when you get a whole bunch of them. They all grow like right next to each other and look like thick "grass" for lack of better word.

I know lots of other people have it too, but it just seems that i see it a LOT in peoples tanks here in AZ... Although i personally havent got a single piece of it :)